Success Stories from our Members

Julie Clemmons

In September 2007, Julie Clemmons knew it was time to improve her health and take control of her life. So she began a weight loss program.

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Lydia Plunk

“My Life has changed since I joined Fitness Advantage. Originally, I joined to lose some weight. For every pound I lost, I gained confidence.”

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Mike Ponce

In the summer of 2011, Mike was looking for a personal training facility that offered a high level of quality and professionalism.

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Gayle Lucas

As a full time professional with three kids, Gayle Lucas had every “reason” not to workout. With the challenges of balancing work and home, taking care of herself took a backseat.

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Vince Prater

Vince was a reluctant addition to Fitness Advantage. He was enrolled as a Christmas gift by his wife and initially had some difficulty making the adjustments required. However after following the program more closely things changed rapidly. Read more..

Jesse Jones

Jessie Jones, PhD., is the founder and director of Fibromyalgia Research and Education Center at California State University of Fullerton.

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Gary Kirner

When I was tested by my physician on October 13, 2006, my HDL (Good) cholesterol was 35.5 – low compared to the reference range for my age. It should be at least 40.0.

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Amit Vora

In April 2008, Amit Vora came to Fitness Advantage looking to improve his health and fitness. Knowing he would need professional guidance to reach his goal, Amit turned to the Fitness Advantage staff to help him design a safe and effective plan that would meet his needs.

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JoAnn Martin

After months of passing Fitness Advantage on her way home, JoAnn Martin finally decided to stop in – a decision that would change her health and her life.

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