Benefits Of This Process

//Benefits Of This Process

Benefits Of This Process

As another week comes and goes, I reflect on my process and I realize that whether I eat Artisan Bistro Pro frozen meals or not that I have what I need to lose weight and eventually get back to maintaining a healthy lifestyle thanks to my friends at Fitness Advantage.

When I think about the conversation that I had with Sylvia about the frozen meals I get lost in all the benefits because quite frankly there are a lot. Some of the obvious ones are quality food, ease of preparation and yummy… but it doesn’t stop there.

Each meal contains a ton of protein (often measuring 30 grams or more) and the veggies are always part of the super food mix that Sylvia is constantly trying to get her clients to eat. This results in a filling meal that tastes good and provides you with nutrients that our body desperately needs. What more could one ask for in a meal?

This week I have managed to get 4 Artisan Bistro Pro meals in my stomach since Monday, not a bad start to the week. I have re-visited a few favorites and said hello to a couple of new ones. One of my new favorites is the Chicken Pesto, dang that had some flavor. The chicken always comes out moist and the pesto flavoring with the interesting mix of veggies was just delicious. I will order several of these the next time I stock up the freezer.

My weight loss to date hasn’t measured up to my expectations, but I have seen progress. I am down a total of 5 lbs, working out 3-4 times a week and my energy levels are returning to normal thanks to the protocols set in place by my friend and nutritional coach, Sylvia Galelli. My slow weight loss is a result of poor planning on my part and not the fault of anyone or anything else. This journey is reminding me of the sacrifices that I need to make in order to re-gain control of my healthy lifestyle. I am grateful to have a team of people supporting me over at Fitness Advantage and that I have easy ready to make meals at my disposal to ensure that I get a proper dose of healthy eating every day!

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To learn more about the products that help us lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, check out the products section of Fitness Advantage’s website.

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