Finally… 2 Meals As Planned In The Same Day

//Finally… 2 Meals As Planned In The Same Day

Finally… 2 Meals As Planned In The Same Day

Life throws healthy eating challenges at me every day. Last week my days were filled with back-to-back-to-back meetings where taking 10 minutes out of my day to warm a meal up was nearly impossible. Let me say this, I am one to ALWAYS make time for lunch, so when times get this crazy I really suffer and I am most likely cranky.

So it is a new Monday, another opportunity to eat healthy, eat often and be active. Last week I ramped up my workouts and started running again. My new schedule calls for 2 strength workouts and 15-20 miles of running per week which means that I need to be on point with my diet and eating schedule. So it worked out great that this new Monday provide the opportunity for me to FINALLY have 2 Artisan Bistro Pro meals in the same day.

Today I worked close to home which means that I have more choices to be healthy. My meal of choice was the Chicken Verde and I supplemented the meal with a cup of broccoli quickly heated up with olive, sea salt and pepper. Let’s just say that I was completely satisfied after my meal. The Chicken Verde was pretty darn good, the chicken was moist, the sauce was plentiful and once again there was a hint of spiciness which always brings a smile to my face. Perhaps next time I add a few slices of avocado to the mix.

For dinner I sampled the Cilantro Coconut Chicken with a side of fresh scrambled eggs and pinto beans. I had just come back from a trail run and I needed a lot of protein and some legumes, so I loaded up. Once again, the Cilantro Coconut Chicken was a solid meal that brings me satisfaction. I can see myself adding some bean sprouts and artichoke hearts in there for good measure.

The meals continue to satisfy and I remain encouraged to continue on my journey, I convinced my beautiful girlfriend Sylvia to try one today and even she said “yummy”… she ate the Chicken Verde as well and all of it I might add. We are both taking an Artisan Bistro Pro meal to work tomorrow 🙂

So until then…


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