First Time With Artisan Bistro Pro Mexican Style Chicken

//First Time With Artisan Bistro Pro Mexican Style Chicken

First Time With Artisan Bistro Pro Mexican Style Chicken

Sorry for the late report people, work has me going like crazy along with some serious needed personal training time. So with all this craziness comes an added appreciation for quality pre-packaged meals such as the Mexican Style Chicken I had for lunch yesterday.

As a reminder to my readers… during my initial taste tests with ALL of the Artisan Bistro Pro entrees I will not alter the main course so that I can give a fair testimonial about how the food tasted out of the box. This however will not stop me from supplementing my meals with salads, fresh fruit or maybe even some legumes (I just like saying legumes)… legumes… there I go again!

The Mexican Style Chicken is prepared with red pepper chili sauce over free range chicken breast with rib meat, black beans, red & yellow bell peppers and green Anaheim chiles (meals are soy and gluten free of course). I generally do not like to microwave my food, but I was in a hurry, so I did. It was good and for a frozen meal, contained a decent amount of spice (I have a high tolerance for spice too). I wouldn’t call it hot, but zesty wouldn’t be right either. Once again no additional spices were needed, the flavors were good, the chicken was moist and the beans weren’t mushy. Bravo Artisan Bistro Pro, another successful meal.

Overall I was satisfied, not hungry and poised to continue on the journey.

I will share more about my Artisan Bistro journey tomorrow, until then eat well and be active!


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