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All training programs are custom designed for each individuals goals and objectives. Popular training programs are available in both 30 and 60 minute sessions for:

Mens Health and Fitness — Returning you to a state of vitality and improved physical function through muscle strengthening, functional exercise, fat reduction, cardiovascular improvement and increased flexibility. Designed for the man who wants to look and feel his physical best.

Women’s Shaping and Toning — Programs specifically designed for the woman’s body. Shaping and toning are achieved thru exercise protocols specially designed for women and their goals. Combined with effective body fat loss this program provides dramatic improvements for the woman’s body.

Women’s Health and Fitness — Strong, fit, lean and healthy – providing women with the essentials for a fit and healthy body.

Weight Loss and Body Fat Reduction — Fitness combined with maximum fat burning. Programs designed to improve fitness while burning maximum calories for accelerated weight loss. Helping you to obtain a leaner body and reach your ideal weight quickly and effectively.

Specialty Training

Sports Performance Training — Designed for athletes of all kinds from the recreational runner or golfer looking to improve performance, all the way to the serious athlete looking to increase their strength, power and agility.

“KIDS FIT” Kids Fitness Training — Fitness, weight management, health improvement and healthy habit development are all components of our “Kids Fit” programs. Help your child build a healthier body, develop confidence, better self-esteem and an appreciation for healthy eating and regular exercise.

Senior Fitness Training — Fitness and functional strength training for older adults with a focus on strength, balance and functional movement for the older adult. Designed to improve the older adults physical function and capacity. Essential for successful aging and increased quality of life.

Balance and Fall Prevention for Seniors — Programs improving functional movement and balance for the older adult. Essential for fall prevention and fall related injuries.

Post Rehab Training — Fitness and functional strength training for individuals recovering from injuries or surgery including low back problems. Returning you back to health and back to optimal function.

Fybromyalgia Specialty Fitness Training — Programs specially designed for the fibromyalgia patients needs and limitations. Exercise protocols that improve fitness and function for the Fybromyalgia patient without the negative effects that can commonly occur while exercising with Fybromyalgia.

Lower Back Strength Training — Programs combining core strengthening, flexibility and muscle strengthening for relief of back pain and prevention of back problems.

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