Introducing A New Segment On Our Blog: 30 Days With Artisan Bistro Pro

//Introducing A New Segment On Our Blog: 30 Days With Artisan Bistro Pro

Introducing A New Segment On Our Blog: 30 Days With Artisan Bistro Pro

Hello, my name is Mike Ponce and I am a member at Fitness Advantage in Diamond Bar, CA. Over the last couple of years I have had the pleasure of working with my nutritionist and friend Sylvia Galelli to help steer me towards a better and healthier lifestyle. This journey has led me down various weight loss routines, diet adjustments and sometimes even a detox or two. Though all have led me towards success, they all have been challenging in the way of preparation… food prep is essential if you want to stay on the up and up. So when Sylvia told me that there was an easier way to remain steadfast with my goals AND could remain on the go without too much thought about what to make myself for lunch and dinner… I listened.

She introduced me to a new product that she felt strongly about which of course meant that I started to care about it too due to the amount of respect I have for her recommendations. She introduced me to Artisan Bistro Pro, a company poised to make life easier on people while ensuring that you get a nutritious meal at the lowest cost possible.

Initially I was skeptical only for one reason… because frozen meals ALWAYS suck and they never have any nutritional value. Well, I stand corrected as this experiment has already taught me one thing… I was wrong!

My first meal was roasted red pepper coulis over free range chicken with broccoli almondine, not just a fancy name folks. Did the meal redefine the face of all food, no… but it sure did redefine what quality and nutritious looks like in a frozen package.

I figured that I would try a meal with no alterations at first so that I could set the baseline for my taste buds. One could always supplement a meal with other delicious healthy treats and say that the meal was good, so I wanted to see what it was like on it’s own. With no salt or pepper added and cooked in the microwave as directed… the meal was not only good, it was flavored just right.

So with the first meal down, I am excited and encouraged to remain on this journey. Till the next meal…


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