It Was Like Christmas Came In Feb!!!

//It Was Like Christmas Came In Feb!!!

It Was Like Christmas Came In Feb!!!

My first order came in the other day and it was raining Artisan Bistro Pro meals.

I was kind of worried about having FedEx leaving frozen meals out in the California sun and ultimately ruining them. But thank goodness for their packaging because they think of everything. Your meals are protected inside a large cardboard box with an foam insulated cooler that contains your frozen meals still frozen with a sheet of dry ice over them covered in plastic.

I’ll admit, it isn’t the most green effort out there, but considering the care that they demonstrate to ensure that you get your meals quickly and frozen… I’ll take it in a heartbeat. As a matter of fact we will store the boxes for a later use and use the foam coolers for fishing trips, it will work out perfect.

So far I have been very impressed with this organization. I look forward to more meals.


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