My Palette And Why Some Things Just Aren’t For Me

//My Palette And Why Some Things Just Aren’t For Me

My Palette And Why Some Things Just Aren’t For Me

My little guy likes what he smells more than I do…

I consider myself to have an open palette that enjoys all kinds of foods, as a matter of a fact I pride myself in liking so many flavors and concoctions. It is fun to go places and try new things, but sometimes you hit a flavor that just isn’t for me. This happened to me yesterday… TWICE.

I wasn’t expecting to go 18 for 18 with Artisan Bistro Pro and enjoy every single aspect, so by no means am I disappointed or let down in trying something new. In the case of Artisan Bistro Pro meals, it wasn’t the quality of food or even the meat itself… it was the flavors used to make the sauce that ultimately caused a funny look on my face.

My first meal was the Turkey Piccata served with tangy lemon CAPER piccata over all natural turkey with broccoli almondine. Can you spot the culprit that doesn’t agree with my taste buds??? Capers… man I just don’t like them. I clearly get that this is my issue here and that some probably really enjoy capers, I however do not. The turkey was moist (actually quite good), but the sauce was overpowering. This one wasn’t for me.

My second meal of the day was the Balsamic Glazed Chicken served with a tangy balsamic glaze over free range chicken breast with rib meat with a lightly seasoned spinach and yellow bell pepper medley. This meal was better than the last, but there were some flavors once again that don’t agree with my taste buds, mainly the balsamic glaze. The meats always come out good, I really like that about the Artisan Bistro Pro meals and the veggies were good, it was the sauce (glaze) that did me in. I am not much for balsamic anything… I have become more tolerant over the past couple of years as a result of healthier eating… but that doesn’t mean that I am much of a fan.

Why would I grab two meals that I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to like in the same day you might ask? I don’t have a good answer for that, but I will say this. Be willing to try new things and yesterday I did just that, so in this case it didn’t work out… but the next just might mean that I strike gold!

I am not deterred, I am not bummed… this wasn’t a case of bad food either, it was just that my palette didn’t agree where others might say “yummy”. So I encourage you to try them all, what is the worst thing that could happen?

Until the next report…

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