Reshaping Your Body

//Reshaping Your Body

Reshaping Your Body

Often special events, such as weddings, vacations, reunions, or just bathing suit season, prompt us to make a change. Whatever the reason, how about reshaping your body for life? A body-shaping program can yield dramatic results in as short a time as eight weeks! Despite what you see on TV, punishing your body with brutal intensity is not the key to effective body reshaping. Here’s what you really need to know about reshaping your body:

Shaping Your Muscles

Toning your muscles with a resistance training program is a crucial factor in reshaping your body. A training program that has been specifically designed to meet your needs is the key. Generic, one-size-fits-all programs will not yield an optimal outcome and often results in injury. In addition to reshaping your body, resistance training will increase your metabolism, helping you shed the unwanted “fat” pounds.

Improving Your Body Composition

A body reshaping program should NOT be designed to help you lose weight, but rather improve your body composition. Improving body composition means maintaining (or increasing) lean body mass, and decreasing body fat. If you think fat loss is just about caloric deficit, you’re wrong. Frustrated “dieters” will attest to the fact that cutting calories alone doesn’t work! A combination of a carefully planned eating program (one that addresses what you eat, how much and when) and exercise is what will yield optimal results. Again, a personalized approach is the key. Metabolism testing is an important first step to determining the right food plan, and a fitness evaluation is the first step to designing the right exercise program.

Getting Fit

Improving your fitness level will help you to achieve a leaner shape. As your fitness increases so will your metabolism. Doesn’t it also make sense that the more fit you are, the more likely you are to be active? A fit and active lifestyle will ensure that your results are long-term. So, the great results you get for that special event will be around for years to come!

You CAN reshape your body. Our certified personal trainers and nutritionist show you how you can reap the full benefits of diet and exercise by providing you with a program specifically designed for you. If you would like to learn more call the Fitness Advantage training center 909-396-0309.

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