Skin Care Services

//Skin Care Services
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Yon Ka Treatments

LeGrand Classique(75 mins)
(Deep pore cleaning, restoring and relaxing)
Hydralessence Face(60 mins)
Alpha-Vital(75 mins)
(Radiance-enhance, resurfacing treatment)
Advanced Optimizer(75 mins)
(Lifting and firming)
Phyto-Fermete(75 mins)
(Firming and lifting body treatment)

iS Clinical Treatments

Fire & Ice(30 mins)
Innovative Facial(60 mins)

PCA Treatments

PCA Deep Pore(60 mins; 80 mins)
Sensi Peel(30 mins)
Clarifying Facial(60 mins)

Other Facial Treatments

Anti-Aging Facial(60 mins)
Gentleman’s Facial(30 mins)
w/ Back Rub(60 mins)
Teenager Facial(30 mins)
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