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When I was tested by my physician on October 13, 2006, my HDL (Good) cholesterol was 35.5 – low compared to the reference range for my age. It should be at least 40.0.

When I was retested by my physician on February 8, 2007, my HDL cholesterol had improved to 43.5 – an improvement of 23 percent. It also put me in the normal range for HDL cholesterol.

According to the Harvard Men’s Heath Watch for April 2007, the Framingham Heart Study concluded that HDL cholesterol was a more powerful predictor of those more likely to develop heart disease than a high LDL cholesterol (Bad) – the men with the highest HDL had the lowest risk.

While the improvement in my health is important to me, the way I feel is even more important. I have a lot more energy and confidence than when I weighed 311 lbs. in September 2006. My goal weight is 220 lbs. That is about what I weighed when I was attending USC in 1962-1963.
He has lost 59 Lbs!

My current weight is 252 lbs. I’ve lost 59 lbs.

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