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In September 2007, Julie Clemmons knew it was time to improve her health and take control of her life. So she began a weight loss program.

She chose Fitness Advantage because it offered the professional and friendly environment that she was looking for. The professional staff at Fitness Advantage set out to create an effective exercise and nutrition plan that helped her achieve her weight loss goals.

Julie exercises with a trainer three days a week for 30 minutes and she does cardiovascular training 4-5 times / week. She prefers a total body strength and endurance program incorporating free weights and balance exercises.

My biggest challenge was ‘staying consistent’ with the program.

Fortunately, she had Patrick, her trainer, to keep her accountable and on track.

One of the most important parts of a weight loss program is the lifestyle change that needs to be made in order to achieve long-term success. Patrick has taught Julie the importance of a balanced approach to weight loss. “Patrick taught me to be as ‘good’ as I can during the week and give myself some freedom on the weekends. That worked since I am not depriving myself of anything.”

All of the hardwork, consistency, and listening to her trainer have paid off. She has lost over 60 lbs, 57 inches, and over 22% body fat since she started.

Julie’s advice for anyone just starting his oer her personal training program, “Set little goals so that it’s not overwhelming and you can be successful. Show up to the gym, that’s half the battle.”

Julie has proven that consistency and balance, along with an effective plan, are the keys to long-term success.

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