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Project Description

Vince was a reluctant addition to Fitness Advantage. He was enrolled as a Christmas gift by his wife and initially had some difficulty making the adjustments required. However after following the program more closely things changed rapidly.

Vince lost 33 lbs., dropped five pants sizes, increased his muscle mass and strength significantly and became aerobically fit enough to complete the Fitness Advantage Mt. San Jacinto challenge and summit Mt. Whitney!

Vince continues to work towards his goal of a permanent 40 lb. weight loss.

The Lifestyle approach Fitness Advantage promotes is the key to lifelong health, fitness and weight maintenance. Fitness Advantage has an outstanding facility and their trainers & management have really impressed me.

The Goal: Losing 40 lbs. and improve my health.
The Key To Success: A consistent 8 hr. a week exercise habit.
Program Highlight: Being able to climb Mt. Whitney!

Initial weight: 248 lbs.

After weight: 215 lbs.

Age: 50
Program: Fit Lifestyle / Re-Shape
Status: Continuing program

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