What Is A Journey Without Some Bumps?

//What Is A Journey Without Some Bumps?

What Is A Journey Without Some Bumps?

Hello again… Let’s see if we can put a string of successes together because last week was disastrous.

What happened? Too much is what happened. Too much work, too much work and too much work. When this happens, I lose the ability to maintain any sort of schedule, training program and eating routines. Not making excuses here, just stating the obvious… when the stress levels sky rocket, my healthy decision making abilities take a major hit, especially when I am trying to ground myself back into a routine.

The Artisan Bistro Pro meals have been a nice addition to my healthy eating repertoire, but they aren’t always a solution when you don’t have the ability to warm them up properly. Everyday last week I took them to work, sometimes I had back-to-back-to-back meeting and bam… it was 5:00 clock and other days I took the frozen meals to work with no microwave or stove top available to cook them in/on.

Last week was tough with regards to my healthy eating regimen. As for my physical activities… I did OK. I was able to workout 4 of the planned 6 times which is better than a month ago, so there is hope :).

I have prepared some alternative meals for when the Artisan Bistro Pro meal isn’t feasible so that I don’t slip into those counter-productive scenarios again, it just adds more time and was hoping that the frozen meals would help eliminate a lot of that hassle. What this lesson is telling me is that frozen meals won’t solve your problems, but they will solve a few when you can cook them. They are good, they are wholesome and they do save time… but they cannot always be there for me.

Today, the frozen meals were here for me during my lunch time. I had the Chicken Verde again because I liked it the 1st and 2nd time I had it so why not on the third time as well.

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