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Hear what our clients and friends have to say about us.

"With the help of some medical advice and the support, encouragement & training of all the staff at Fitness Advantage I have lost over 90 lbs., am off all medications and have changed my life." Jeff Jensen | Client

I couldn’t have done it without the help of my trainer and nutritionist at Fitness Advantage.

Julie Clemons | Client

I moved from Diamond Bar 3 years ago and the thing I miss the most is Fitness Advantage. The trainers are amazing, Sylvia and Kelvin are tremendously knowledgeable and the staff is friendly and welcoming. Love them.

Laura Miller | #1 Fan

My life has changed. I’ve reversed my diabetes and I feel better than ever!

Lydia Plunk | Client

Fitness Advantage is in a league of its own! The atmosphere is always pleasant, never overly crowded. Trainers are exceptional and don’t even compare to trainers at other gyms….being part of FA is like being part of a happy family. It is a privilege to be part of FA and I would recommend it to everyone.

Elisabeth Locke | Client

Fitness Advantage is the happiest place on earth. It’s like a second home. I trust my entire family to come to FA. The quality and education of the staff is exceptional.

Gail Lucas M.D. | Client

I looked at a number of personal training centers before deciding on Fitness Advantage. I was looking for real professionals. The quality and education of the trainers, staff and owners was unmatched by anything else I had found. I’ve lost 45 lbs and continue to be amazed at how exceptional they are at what they do. FA has exceeded my highest expectations.

Mike Ponce | Client for life

The best trainers I’ve ever found. I’ve trained with trainers at several gyms and was surprised by the quality of the trainers at FA. They are extremely knowledgeable and very dedicated to their clients. I would highly recommend Fitness Advantage to anyone.

Jonathan Siu | Client

Fitness advantage puts the personal back in personal training. Thanks to Fitness Advantage I’m pushing 50 and am in the best shape of my life!

Jovi Cacnio | Client

Incredible staff, great trainers and one of the nicest training centers I’ve ever seen.

Scott Walker| Client

Thanks to my trainer and my nutritionist at Fitness Advantage I now look and feel better than ever!

Marisol Araya | Client

Our family has been going to Fitness Advantage for several years now and we just love it! The trainers are all very friendly and accommodating…we are impressed with their knowledge of physiology and muscle groups as well as psychology involved in motivating clients. We anticipate many more years with Fitness Advantage.

Mark Taira | Client

Every member of the Fitness Advantage team has exceeded my expectations the trainers are the best, the office staff are very friendly and helpful and the physical therapists are wonderful. Can’t say enough about Fitness Advantage.

Vito Licardi | Client

A really talented group of professionals. Everyone I’ve worked with at Fitness Advantage is simply outstanding.

Billy Cordova | Client

I’ve been coming to Fitness Advantage for 9 years…I’ve experienced several different trainers – every one of them has been outstanding.

Sandra Rose | Client

No comparison to trainers at other gyms. They’re true professionals. Educated , friendly, safe and very dedicated – very professional in every way. Kelvin and Sylvia the owners of Fitness Advantage have put together an incredibly talented team.

Sylvia Moraton | Client