Amit Vora

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Project Description

In April 2008, Amit Vora came to Fitness Advantage looking to improve his health and fitness. Knowing he would need professional guidance to reach his goal, Amit turned to the Fitness Advantage staff to help him design a safe and effective plan that would meet his needs.

His program would include both exercise and nutrition in order to help him achieve his goal of long-term weight loss, improved body composition, and better overall health.

Amit exercises with a trainer two days a week for 30 minutes. In addition, he does cardiovascular training 45-90 minutes 4-5 times / week. His preference is to cross-train using the treadmill and stairmaster.

Amit has proven that a good plan carried out with determination and consistency is sure to deliver results! In 5 months, Amit has lost 26 lbs. and 8 inches off his waist while increasing his strength and improving his health!

Initial weight: 209 lbs.

After weight: 183 lbs.

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