Your Program Components

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STEP 1 — Comprehensive Profile & Evaluation
At Fitness Advantage we’re committed to helping you get results. Whether you want to lose weight, improve your health, are preparing for a specific event in your life or just want to look & feel your best, the evaluation is the best place to start.

Administered by our experienced Personal Training staff, the results of the health and fitness assessment are essential for designing a goal oriented program specific to your individual needs and to track your progress over time.


Body composition test, BMI, circumference measurement, blood pressure reading, posture assessment, low back & core strength & stability evaluation, flexibility test and strength and conditioning evaluation.

Important information attained from this evaluation includes: blood pressure levels, resting heart rate, fat to lean muscle-mass ratio, low back strength and stability, cardiovascular endurance level, flexibility level, muscular strength and endurance levels and postural alignment.

STEP 2 — Program Prescription
A program is then designed specifically for each individual and their specific goals and objectives. The program design takes into account each persons unique challenges, body types and limitations.

It is often wrongly assumed that the harder you work out, the better results you’ll see. The right training program can not only “help” your body to burn more calories from fat, prevent plateaus and over-training but most importantly prevent injuries.

STEP 3 — Program Implementation
Start working out with your trainer and watch your progress start. Each week your trainer will take you through your program being sure to push just the right amount so you’ll see and feel positive changes in your body. During each session your trainer is adjusting, adding and modifying exercises to ensure that your progress continues at an optimal pace.

In addition they’ll make any dietary adjustments you may need to help keep your weight loss on track. Your trainer will provide a variety filled, fun and challenging session to make sure you enjoy each workout. Your trainer will also monitor your off session exercise assignments and your nutrition compliance to insure that your on target.

STEP 4 — Program Progression / Adjustments
As you advance and begin to progress your trainer will modify your program with increasingly advanced exercises and methods that produce more positive results. The changes to your body and improvements in your fitness start to come in ever increasing leaps. Nutritional adjustments are also typically necessary. Continually adjusting calories is an essential part of maximizing body fat reduction and weight loss progress.

STEP 5 — Re-evaluation / Progress Reports
To measure your progress to date and allow for any necessary adjustments or advancements your trainer will do periodic reassessments. These reassessments will illustrate the level of improvements, exact quantity of fat loss, changes in circumference measurements and advances in fitness and function.

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