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Our experienced yoga instructors are trained and educated in offering classes that will benefit each participant from the novice to the elite. To be able to serve the wide ranging needs of participants, our class formats will span from the soothing and relaxing to the invigorating and challenging. For those who are interested in a personalized experience, Fitness Advantage also offers private yoga sessions.


Yoga is a physical exercise with a spiritual and meditative core. This practice helps the individual unify his/her body, mind, and heart. Yoga helps to restore the body’s natural alignment. Regular practice leads to greater flexibility, more fluid mobility, improved posture, better balance as well as enhanced muscle tone and core strength.

Practitioners enjoy not only these physical benefits, but also mental and spiritual ones such as an increased sense of wellness, energy and vitality, an improved ability to handle stress, as well as decreased anxiety and depression. Many report a restored sense of peace.

OUR CLASSES Yoga Therapy Our yoga therapy classes is perfect novices who wish to begin their practice but feel intimidated. It is also a great fit for those with orthopedic limitations who will benefit from the gentle flexibility work. With an emphasis on breathing, this class is designed to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. A guided meditation concludes each session. Restorative Yoga This gentle practice restores mind, body and soul. Melting into each restorative posture participants passively dissipate physical and mental stress for a truly renewing experience. Power Yoga Flow This dynamic class offers participants a challenging and vigorous physical workout. The flow of Asanas joins together the breath and movement through a series of postures. Regular practice increases muscle tone as well as fluidity of movement.


Class Quality & Personal Attention

Consistent with our long history of premium services delivered with care, Fitness Advantage Yoga classes offer quality, client-centered instruction in a beautiful restorative environment.

Classes are limited in size to provide a more spacious comfortable exercise environment and to allow each participant to have a more personal learning experience.

Our Beautiful Classroom

Our 1400 sq foot classroom features a beautiful bamboo wood floor that is not only beautiful to look at, but represents FA’s commitment to helping the environment.

Bamboo is an easily grown renewable wood. By choosing Bamboo and avoiding the use of traditional hardwood floors like Maple, which take decades to grow, FA hopes to make a small contribution to the environment.

Schedule & Times

Please call Fitness Advantage for class times and availability.


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