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Project Description

Jessie Jones, PhD., is the founder and director of Fibromyalgia Research and Education Center at California State University of Fullerton.

She has created a program that teaches physicians how to employ an integrative approach for the management of patients with Fibromyalgia. At Fitness Advantage, she consulted with Sylvia Galelli, nutritionist and certified lifestyle educator, and Deborah, certified personal trainer and pilates instructor.

Sylvia designed a comprehensive program aimed at managing her pain while still giving her the energy she needed to keep up with her busy schedule.

Deborah created a workout aimed at helping Jesse lose weight while increasing her strength and flexibility.

Nutrition and Exercise Paid Off! Jessie is able to keep her pain in control so she can do what she loves (dance, hike, and golf).

As long as I eat well and exercise, my symptoms are minimal.

Program highlights: improved sleep, decreased pain, improved energy, increased strength and flexibility

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