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As a full time professional with three kids, Gayle Lucas had every “reason” not to workout. With the challenges of balancing work and home, taking care of herself took a backseat.

As a very busy woman, she hesitated to put one more thing on her list. As a physician, however, she knew that stress and lack of exercise were setting her up for a future of battling lifestyle-related diseases. As a mother, she feared that she was not setting the right example for her children. So in June 2008 Gayle decided to make her health a priority.

When Gayle first visited Fitness Advantage she was very impressed with the comfortable, welcoming environment. Her first meeting was with Sylvia. They discussed a comprehensive approach including exercise, nutrition and stress management. “I had a very informative session with Sylvia.

She really taught me how important nutrition is for maintaining my health, preventing disease, and improving my energy levels. My biggest challenge after a long workday, running errands, and picking up my kids, is having enough energy for a workout. Sylvia introduced me to the Ultrameal bar. I keep one in my purse and snack on it on the way to the gym. It’s fast, and easy. This really works for me!”

Gayle learned that nutrition is only part of the equation when it comes to improving her health. Exercise is equally important. Sylvia stressed that exercise is the key to maintaining lean body mass and a healthy metabolism, aids in proper blood sugar management, as well as being an essential ingredient for healthy aging.

Exercise keeps muscles strong and functional for later in life. Her trainers Deborah, Leah, and Tracy created an exercise program that worked to improve her strength and posture as well as to target key areas for body shaping.

My trainers motivated me and helped me stay focused during each session. One-on-one personal training is definitely the way to achieve one’s goals.

After 9 months of dedication and persistence, Gayle is more fit than ever before. As a work in progress she has set her sights on advancing her fitness to be able to do exercises of greater difficulty.

I will continue to work with my trainer to achieve more advanced goals. Getting better is fun!! I call my workouts 30 minutes of ‘me’ time! I feel great. For me exercise has become a lifetime commitment. I am happy to be setting an example for my kids. My advice for other busy moms is taking 30 minutes a few times a week to take care of ‘you’ helps you be a happier healthier mom. The benefits for you and your family are worth it.

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